Exhibition of learning achievements——Mr. Kawamura

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Congratulations to Mr. Kawamura for successfully passing the HSK4 exam!



Mr. Kawamura is a corporate student from a Japanese trading company. He started to participate in the online Chinese course of BC Mandarin School in April 2020 from zero level. He passed HSK4 within 2 months of studying and got a high score of 276! It is worth mentioning that listening isusually a weakness for Japanese students, but Mr. Kawamura got a good score of 93 in the listening, which is really gratifying!



The high score is inseparable from his usual learning through multiple channels. Not only does he learn 5 lessons online one-on-one every day, but the teacher often interacts with him after class, in order to create more opportunities to practice Chinese.



For example, teacher and student sang Chinese songs together via app for singing, breaking the limitation of space, not only let him understand Chinese songs, but also learn to use Chinese apps and understand Chinese people's living habits.



The teacher also recommended him to watch Chinese TV series and discuss the plot at a fixed time every week. At present, he has watched the new version of "Meteor Garden", "The Princess Weiyoung", and "The Rise of Phoenixes", which are all popular TV series.



Mr. Kawamura learned a lot of words that are not in the textbook through TV dramas, and tried to understand them without readingthe subtitles. Not only is it helpful to improve listening skills, but these contentsare also perfectly integrated into the grammar explanation.

For example, when learning the word"unusable", Mr. Kawamura can easily give an example: "In thebeginning, Shancai (the heroine) could not bear Daomingsi (the actor), and Daomingsi could not bear Shancai." The teacher deepened the difficulty ofthe problem. What kind of aspect did they could not bear each other?" Mr.Kawamura replied, "Shancai cannot bear to see

 Daomingsi bullying other students, and Daomingsi cannot bear to see Shancai's impoliteness."




BC Mandarin School insists on using the teaching method of entertaining and entertaining to make students interested, motivated and effective. Mr. Kawamura just took the HSK5 test in July and is now preparing for the HSK6 test. We look forward to his good news and look forward to seeing each other on campus soon!